How To Network as a Paraplanner

How to Network as a Paraplanner and Start A Business- My Story

There are many challenges to running your own business however, consistency along with networking allows you to accomplish a lot more.  It’s why today I’m going to share with you how I network as a paraplanner.

Guess what?  Like many businesses out here, if done right, you become the answer to a need in the market.   Simply Paraplanner was started because of an urge to fill a gap I’d noticed in the world of paraplanning.

Frustrated with my inability to find a knowledgeable resource for paraplanners to find adequate jobs, I simply set out to create one myself. Thus, Simply Paraplanner was created out of necessity!

The company was designed as a one-stop shop for virtual paraplanners hoping to expand their skill sets, as well as for financial planning firms searching for the perfect virtual paraplanner.

I recently sat down with Matt Fizell, host of the podcast You’re a Financial Planner…Now What? to talk about the origins of Simply Paraplanner, and discuss to my mission to fill the gap for any paraplanners searching for help in the industry.

Network As A Paraplanner & Grow Your Connections

You will hear from me the first words of caution: know that paraplanning is not an entry-level role. Paraplanners are technical experts, embarking on specific research and creating detailed documents, as well as communicating with clients as needed.

Essentially, because paraplanners are responsible for creating a firm’s financial plans, they’re a crucial resource for both lead financial planners as well as clients themselves.How To Network as A Paraplanner

For this reason, as paraplanners, you need to seek very specific qualifications, especially those who wish to take their role to the next level.

I also advise you to find your community of supporters and like-minded individuals who are embarking on the same journey as you.

For advice straight from Alex’s personal experiences, listen to the show to hear which requirements, courses, and certifications help a paraplanner stand out from the crowd.  Listen HERE

Working as a Virtual Paraplanner

Now more than ever, people are driven to find virtual work they can do from anywhere in the world. But in the world of paraplanning, this can be easier said than done.

As I mention on the podcast, it’s basically “word of mouth—just good luck finding each other!”

However, for many people with children or relatives to care for, an inability to commute, or a military spouse, working as an in-office paraplanner is out of the question.  This was the case for me, therefore, it became a passion for my team and myself to make this all happen.  

It’s why I still today believe virtual paraplanning is the way to working and living the lifestyle you desire.  

We teach in our community how you can start your very own paraplanning business and become a virtual paraplanner.  If you have not joined our Simply Paraplanner Facebook group, come check us out.

The Role of Simply Paraplanner

With a clear breakdown of how and why Simply Paraplanner was designed to help virtual paraplanners and firms alike, in the episode with Matt I walk you through the entire hiring process from start to finish.

While Simply Paraplanner also functions as a paraplanning-specific job board, the team can also give more personalized help throughout the entire hiring process. Working closely with advisors, Simply Paraplanner helps narrow down the candidate pool to the top 3 paraplanners for a position.

Learn more about the hiring breakdown, and Simply Paraplanner’s role in the process, on this podcast episode!

Still wondering how to find paraplanner jobs through Simply Paraplanner? Or how to get started as a paraplanner? If you’ve got questions, here’s what I cover on this episode:

  • What is a paraplanner, and how do I become one?
  • How is a junior planner different from a paraplanner?
  • Is paraplanning a long-term career option?
  • How can you set yourself apart from the crowd in your paraplanner application?
  • What are the generic rates paraplanners can expect, depending on their expertise?
  • As a paraplanner, what kind of education do I need to stay competitive?
  • What are the challenges with finding paraplanner jobs in the virtual environment?

I look forward to meeting you inside the paraplanner world. Most times you can find me inside the Simply Paraplanner Community.  See you there!

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