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Twenty-Six percent of an advisors time is spent creating plans...which in turn suggest substantial opportunities for many/most advisors firms to better hire and leverage paraplanners or outsourcing support for the plan creation process.

Advisors with support staff - either as solos or in an ensemble firm - tend to both provide more comprehensive financial plans, and are able to command a higher financial planning fee.

Financial advisors on average spend a whopping 46% of their time on (largely delegable) middle-office tasks involved with plan and meeting preparation, client servicing, and additional office administrative work.

*Data from

Don’t Do It Alone!

Here’s How Our Candidate Screening Works

  • Step 1: We Handcraft Your Job Listing
  • Step 2: We Promote Your Listing
  • Step 3: We Screen Your Applicants
  • Step 4: We Present to You the Top 3 Candidates
  • Step 5: You Interview the Top 3 Candidates
  • Step 6: You Select Your Best Fit!
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