Moving the Financial Industry Forward

Connecting firms to the remote financial professionals they need to grow and thrive.

Financial Planning Firms

You’re focused on helping your clients make smart financial decisions to help improve their future and grow their wealth.

The only problem? You’re too good at your job. Your client list is growing and your workload has increased to the point of breaking. It’s time to expand your team. But where do you start? Hiring new professionals is time-intensive and difficult, and the last thing you need is to hire the wrong person.

At Simply Paraplanner, we specialize in connecting financial planning firms with the professionals they need to serve their clients. As working financial professionals ourselves, we know exactly what it takes to do the job, so we can help you find the right person to fill your 100% remote position quickly and effectively.

Financial Professionals

You’re a true professional. You’ve honed your craft and have the experience and certifications to prove it.

But here’s the thing—you’re done with 9-5. You’re done with brick and mortar. You’re not going to let outdated rules about when and where you have to work dictate your life. You want to be connected with a like-minded financial firm.

As financial professionals ourselves, we’ve been doing the remote thing since 2015 and we’re never going back. That’s why we created Simply Paraplanner—to help you find the jobs that you love that are 100% virtual… and will stay that way.

Finding your dream finance job is just a resume posting away. Get started today.