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Financial Hiring Services for More Than Paraplanners

We help facilitate the hiring process for all positions in your firm by finding the perfect remote candidate for your position!

1099 & W2

Client Service Associate, Paraplanner, Associate Planner & Lead Planner

Full-time, Part-time & Hourly

Hiring Firms

Our database of financial professionals will connect you to the ideal candidates you need to keep your business moving forward.

Remote Job Seekers

Post your resume to our job board and get connected to the (100% remote!) finance jobs that you actually want.

Personal Finance Recruiting Done Right

Don’t risk picking the wrong candidate. Our Premier Screening service will connect you with the best finance professionals so you can hire the right person the first time.


You’re busy enough. We’ll help you skip the hassle and immediately connect you with candidates that match your exact needs.


Find candidates in all areas of finance that are dialed in, qualified, and excited to work with your client base.


From bringing on your first employee to adding new specialities to meet your clients’ needs, you’ll find the help you need to grow.

Simply Paraplanner Stats

Our latest stats on how many paraplanners we have looking for a virtual position and how many companies have found new hires for remote financial planners and other positions. Our financial career service will help find your perfect candidate today!

  • 8 Jobs Posted
  • 782 Resumes Posted
  • 516 Jobs Filled
  • 10,768 Members

Find Your Firm’s Perfect Match

The right person is out there. Our team of working financial professionals will help you find them, no matter where they are, here’s how.

Forever Remote Positions

Curate the talent that’s right for your team, regardless of where they live. We’ve been doing the remote thing since 2015 and plan to keep it that way.

Qualified Applicant Pool

While most firms are wondering where all the good financial industry candidates have gone—we know, because they’re in our database and will be notified of your posting.

Professionally Screened Fits

When you choose our premier service, our rigorous assessment process means you’ll meet only the very best candidates with the most potential.

All Virtual From Day One

At Simply Paraplanner, we know how passionate you are about serving your clients. But if you want to expand your reach and deepen your impact, you’ve got to do one thing.

Grow your team.

As actively working financial professionals ourselves, we understand how thinly you’re spread already. You don’t have the time to find, vet, and train someone new, let alone deal with the fallout from hiring the wrong person.

That’s why we’ve been helping planning firms find the right team members for a wide variety of positions since 2015. Using our unique insights into the field, we’ll help you find the best candidate for your unique firm.

And did we mention they’re all remote positions? We’ve seen the enormous benefits for employers and employees that come from working remotely (even BEFORE 2020). Lower overhead, more flexibility, no geographical boundaries, and more.

Let’s make finding your new hire easier than ever before.

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