Work Virtually with Advisors Across the Country

Whether you are just starting your career in financial planning or are experienced in the field, a job as a virtual paraplanner will help you gain experience and supplement your income. 

Our advisors are currently looking for paraplanners to work remotely anywhere from 5 hours/week to 30 hours/week. We have positions for entry-level internships all the way up to very experienced CFP® professionals in various firms. 

What Does a Virtual Paraplanner Do?

A virtual paraplanner provides back-office support for a financial planning firm. Together with your advisor, you will decide on the type of work to be completed. Some tasks may include:

  • Gathering client data
  • Onboarding Clients into CRM Software
  • Scheduling client meetings
  • Data entry into financial planning software
  • Preparing financial plans
  • Opening New Accounts
  • Running retirement projections
  • Taking notes during client meetings
Benefits of Working Virtually

You have the ability to gain very broad experience from the comfort of your home.

Working virtually allows you to work with different types of advisors from all over the country. You could be working on contract with an advisor in California specializing in Wealth Management while also working with an advisor in Texas specializing in Estate Planning. 

Are you interested in starting your own firm one day? Take the time to learn from advisors of different backgrounds!

After passing the CFP, I needed to find work that gave me CFP experience and the flexibility to finish my MBA. Alex (SimplyParaplanner) quickly placed me at a firm that needed part time, virtual, professional paraplanner help. I would recommend their service to anyone looking for or looking to become a virtual paraplanner. Contact Galen